MDI-Nepal which stands for Manahari Development Institute-Nepal (MDI-Nepal) is a well established NGO in Nepal. The organization was established in September 19, 2001 with contemporary groups of professional staffs working in different NGO sectors.

Registered in District Administration Office of Makawanpur (Regd. No. 744/057/58) read more


The main goal of the organization is to empower poor communities in rural areas to undertake development activities at their own initiatives, with the aim of enhancing their livelihoods on a sustained basis through food and income security


MDI believes that poor, given some outside support can create capital and use it efϐiciently to improve their quality of life and achieve self-reliance. Land and labor being the primary asset of the poor, sustainable agriculture development should be at the core of intervention towards ensuring faster strides in the food and income security of local poor households.

MDI’s Aquaculture Research

MDI-Towards highland aquaculture commonCarp
The ultimate success in breeding of common carp(Cyprinus carpio) in highland of Jumla, Nepal

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