Published on The Annapurna Post, Jan. 2010

एमडीआई–नेपाललाई दश हजार पाउण्डको प्रोत्साहन पुरस्कार,पौष ०३, २०७३, विकास खबर, मकवानपुर

Chepangs of Nepal: Living on the edge, Published on the Earth Journalism Network, July 2016

Impact of Climate Change on Forests and Biodiversity and Current Adaptation Practices – A Case Study of Nepal
Published on on Jan. 2014

Field Visit to UNDP GEF SGP Supported Projects in Makawanpur, Nov. 2013

Efforts of MDI-Nepal in Promoting the Carp-SIS polyculture at the Foot Hills of Nepal.
Presentation by Khop Shrestha in Mymensingh, Bangaldesh, 2012

News published in Kantipur, on Aug. 03, 2012

Nepali NGO bags $100,000 global award, Published on Republica, Feb 2011

Ask a UNEP Expert – Your question
Topic: Conservation Farming in Hill Slopes affected through Shifting Cultivation and other Inappropriate Practices
Answered by Khop Shrestha, March 2011

The Impact of Manahari-Dandabas Rural Road in Agra and Gogane VDC (The Revolutionary Road; Observation of Ms. Bidushi Dhungel, Sr. Journo, The Republica & Mr. Rabin Giri, Sr. Journo; The Annapurna Post), Jan 2010

Renaissance of Slash and Burn Farming (Khoriya Farming), Publish on 2008

My family will not have to die of hunger
Published on the UNDP website, Dec. 2006

Banana Plantation Benefits Locals
Published on The Himalayan Times, May. 2005